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How to Play the Best Slot Game Apps like A Seasoned Player

The evolution of smartphones and mobile games introduced many new exciting digital products to people. One of them is casino apps. And from all casino apps, it is the slot apps that are in the center of it all. Whether it is real money slot apps or free slot apps, people seem that can’t get enough of them. There are millions of slot apps installed on mobile phones and tablets worldwide, bypassing all borders. People from all nations, religion, ethnicity, and stature have them on their devices. To debunk why they are so popular we first to learn few things about online slots.

Software requirements for slot game apps

Each slot app comes with a specific set of requirements. Most of the times it is about the version of the operating system (iOS or Android all the same). So the first and most important requirement is to have an OS that is compatible with the suggested by the app or a higher version of that. Considering that there are different developers, different slots with various features, it is impossible to pinpoint which are the minimum software requirements for slot game apps.

For example, is an app requires Android 4.2., there is no way to install the app on an older version of the Android, just a newer one. The same example can be given for Apple users as well, change the Android with iOS.

Another essential software requirement is space. The user needs to have enough space on the smartphone or tablet to install the app. In addition to that, almost any of the new and best free slots apps require plenty of RAM and CPU power.

Apps for slots and bonuses

Many mobile users are having their doubts when it comes to mobile slot apps and casino bonuses. However, their worries are unjustified as every casino bonus is available for mobile users as well.

The thing with online casinos is that it doesn’t matter whether you’ve opened an account with their app or on their desktop version, you still get the same welcome bonus credited to your account. Also, it doesn’t matter if you play while on mobile or another device, as long as it is with the same online casino. The same principle goes when it comes to other ongoing promotions. The online casino will credit to your account everything you are entitled.

Most online casinos encourage their users to download their apps or use their mobile versions on their smartphones or tablets. And part of that encouragement is to give further bonuses and promotions if the player is into mobile playing.

Top-rated slot game apps for iPhones

There are hundreds of slot games for iOS. But only a few genuinely manage to capture the true essence and excitement of the slots. The following three games are considered to be one of the best that are not just highly engaging, but very rewarding as well:

  • Born to be rich
    Born to be rich features high-definition graphics that are ideally suited with excellent audios. The app was developed by Smash Atom Software who was known only for games inspired by children’s storybooks. The release of born to be rich was an overnight gamechanger for them.
  • Big Win Slots
    Big Win Slots is an app that is specific in so many ways. First of all, you get to choose between three and five reel machines. Also, it gives you free coins on a daily basis. Then there is the leaderboard from where you can see your standings compared with the rest of the world. Its payout animations are unique.
  • Big Fish Casino
    There are 40K perfect iTunes reviews about Big Fish Casino. That alone speaks tons about the quality of this slot and also makes it one of the best. Each new player starts with 100,000 chips, plus bonus for daily playing. Constant action and never ending fun are guaranteed.

Top-rated slot game apps for Android phones

Top-rated slot game apps for Android phones

There is a long-standing love relationship between Android users and slot apps. Therefore, it’s never easy to make a list of the top slot game apps for android phones. Here are the most popular for the time being:

  • Caesar’s Slots
    Caesar’s slots is a popular slot app as it has over 10 million downloads. It’s free to play and comes with a ton of bonuses. Newcomers are given a welcome bonus of 40.000 free coins. The game is very engaging and with great graphics. Even though the app is free to play some in-app purchases might tempt you to spend some money.
  • 777 Slots
    This is one of this slot games that doesn’t have any particular special about it. No special graphics, no amazing bonuses, nothing like that. But somehow it has a certain coherence that makes it very appealing to an army of loyal followers.
  • Deluxe Slots
    It might not be a household name as Caesars’s slots or 777 slots, but it has its loyal followers. Currently, over a million people have it on their smartphones. The game is high-paced, a lot of bonuses, and very addictive gameplay. Even though there are some in-app purchases, players can do just fine without them.

In conclusion

There are plenty more iOS and Android games that can be added to our lists. Also, there are tons of other reasons to be added to our reasoning why slot apps are so exciting and engaging. Some seasoned players would even add a tip or two on how to be better at playing slots. But the final impression will not change. That is slot apps are worthy of all the hype and more should be expected in this area. Players can expect a constant flow of new and exciting apps that will be even more engaging, while old school fans can continue playing the classics for free or real money.

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